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Bird Feeders & More


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Decorative fencing and edging for lawn and garden. 

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Fencing and edging can make your garden stand out, and keep unwanted traffic away.

Click on each item to view more

Click on each item to view more

6 in Tube Feeders 12 inch Tube Feeders Suet Feeders                   
Bird Houses
Bird Houses Bird Feeders Window Feeders      
Bat Houses Bird Baths Nature Hooks            

Bird Care

Bird Care

A variety of bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses for all your feathered friends. Tube bird feeders in a variety of sizes.  Window bird feeders and suet bird feeders keep your bird friends fed all winter and summer. Fun to watch too.

A variety of bird houses for all types of birds. Decorative tube bird feeders in 6 inch,  12 inch sizes. Speciality feeders such as oriole bird feeders, and finch feeders.  Window bird feeders attract people and birds. Different and unique types of suet bird feeders.

Bird houses for wrens, blue birds, screech owls and more.  Bat houses to control mosquitous. Tube bird feeders in 6 and 12 inch sizes make feeding easy and fun to watch. Bulk buys for large yards are a great value.  Special oriole bird feeders are just the right size.  Wagon bird feeders for finches or other uses.  Solar powered lighthouse bird feeders are a unique addition to your garden decor. Chalet bird feeders come with a 36 inch metal stake. Buy 2, one for feed one for water.

Bird baths are a great way to watach birds. Finch feeders and window bird feeders are fun to use.  Suet bird feeders are an easy way to feed birds.

Bird Care

Bird Care

A variety to choose from~ Bird Feeders, Wild Bird Feeder, Suet Bird Feeder, Tube Bird Feeder, Decorative Bird Feeder, Backyard Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

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