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Fencing & Edging


    Log Pile Covers

Great Sale on Hose Holders

Decorative fencing and edging for lawn and garden. 

Colorful decorative chain adds that special unique touch. 

We have BBQ Grill and Chair covers for outdoor furniture protection

Fencing and edging can make your garden stand out, and keep unwanted traffic away.

Trellis Planting

Trellis Planting

We have a variety of garden edging for your home decor such as Decorative Garden Fencing, Plastic Lawn Edging, and Flexible Lawn Edging. 

We carry products that can help you do everything from edging your trees in your yard to lining that walk - way, to keep people off your grass and out of your garden decor area.

Our Deluxe Post Kits come with your choice of white posts with white  ball tops, or black posts with black ball tops.   These are great items to string lights on, for that special summer outing, or at the Holidays.

We offer four different types of fencing to choose from, Classical Picket Fencing, Country Picket Fencing, Florentine Fencing, Trellis Planting Packs.

Classical picket fencing,country picket fencing, and Florentine Fencing and be snapped together to enclose almost any area that you would like.

Make yourself a circle, square, rectangle, or any other type of enclosed area you would like. Be creative.

 It is durable and decorative for all your needs. . Excellent for those areas that need that extra height with taller fencing. 

Our fencing looks great!!

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